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    Daniel Wellington watches could be said to represent many fundamental aspects of Swedish design, despite the brand’s British inheritance. Daniel Wellington produce extremely stylish, minimalist watches which are ultra-modern and much sought after. It is impossible to fault the quality and the design is classic Swedish minimalism, with a charming British touch.

    For Daniel Wellington, watch-making is not simply a case of loading each model with innumerable functions and features. The brand instead concentrates on the minimalism of a single dial which is allowed to dominate in its simplistic glory. The result is that watches by Daniel Wellington have a timeless look, which becomes an exquisite backdrop for the often colourful and expressive watch straps.

    Stylish and creative Daniel Wellington

    Daniel Wellington see the value in letting the customer influence the appearance of his or her own watch, and it is therefore the strap which has come to be the most creative part of Daniel Wellington watches. The watch face itself is available in two varieties; a beautiful rose-gold, or a stylish silver. However, the possibilities for different watches are enormous. Because the watch straps are interchangeable and relatively cheap, you as the customer are able to adapt your watch to any occasion. It is a case of being like Daniel Wellington himself; thinking outside the box and creating something unique of your own from a stylish and familiar product. With Daniel Wellington, you can not only adapt your watch to the occasion, but it is also a way to clearly show who you are and let the watch tell a story about you. The straps are available in different materials and designs. You can choose from leather or so-called nato straps. The possibility to offer a rich variety of options will always be part of Daniel Wellington’s advantage in the world of watches.

    Daniel Wellington prices and sale

    On his trip around the world, Filip Tysander, founder of Daniel Wellington, met a unique gentleman. The man in questions was called Daniel Wellington, and it was his ability to be a perfect gentleman while at the same time being relaxed and pleasant company that Filip found so inspiring. This trait was particularly noticeable in the way that Mr Wellington wore his watch. He had a Rolex, which he wore on a frayed and broken NATO strap. The combination of those two things, both elegant and laid-back, inspired Filip to create his own watch along the same lines. It is for this reason that Daniel Wellington – the company named after this fascinating Englishman – exists today.

    Daniel Wellington watches will never be particularly expensive. All of them cost around SEK 1000. It is actually not the watch itself that is the interesting part, but rather the strap which can be combined with the watch. You will find many varieties of strap at TheWatchAgency.com. There are straps suitable for creating tasteful ladies’ watches but also equally stylish gentlemen’s watches. There is quite simply something for everyone. When it comes to Daniel Wellington watches, you are limited only by your own imagination.

    Nevertheless, we at TheWatchAgency.com do not consider that we are doing our jobs properly unless we continue the attempt to make it as inexpensive as possible for you to buy a new watch. You should therefore keep an eye out for the Daniel Wellington sales that we occasionally hold here on our homepage.
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