• Watches
  • 2 year warranty or more
  • 2 year warranty or more

    All watches TheWatchAgency™ come with at least 2 years warranty. Depending on the brand and type of watch we offer two different types of warranties; manufacturer's own officiell warranty or our own 12-24 month retailer's warranty. The type of warranty available is specified on each watch. All high-end watches come with the manufacturer's official world-wide warranty.

    Official Manufacturer's Warranty (world-wide warranty)

    This watch comes with manufacturer's Official World-Wide Warranty, stamped and issued by an authorized dealer in our network. Official World-Wide Warranty means that the watch can be left with any authorized dealer or authorized service center in case of a warranty issue. Official warranties are usually valid for 24 months or more. An Official World-Wide Warranty is usually valid for manufacturing- or material-caused problems only, not problems caused by user error.

    TheWatchAgency™ Retailer's Warranty

    For watches not covered by manufacture's own warranty, we provide our own retailer's warranty for 12, 24 or 36 months (warranty duration is stated on each product). In case a warranty issue arises, please contact us for further instructions.

    Warranty covers manufacturing- and material errors.

    Please note that warranty does not cover:
    - damage caused by faulty use, negligence, failure to perfom proper maintenance or other damages not directly related to manufacturing- or material error.
    - damage caused by unauthorized repair centers.
    - damage to crown and/or glass.
    - damage to bracelet or watch case.
    - water damage on non-waterproof watches (waterproof = 10 ATM).
    - removed or distorted serial number.
    - Please note that proof of purchase/warranty must be included when returning a watch to us for repair, and that you must contact is before sending anything in.

    What happens if there is a problem with my watch?

    In case a problem arises with your watch, simply contact us and we will help you out. We answer all e-mails within one or two working days!

    Inappropriate, systematic, or intentional exploitation of our services – including but not limited to open purchase, exchange, return, damage protection, cancellation, ordering, protection, warranty, complaint, inquiry, exchange, or valuation – may be denied, blocked, reported to the police and / or ignored if it is done with inappropriate intent.