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    Skagen Watches are the archetype of Danish design, with Nordic austerity and minimalism built into each watch. Skagen watches were created by contractors Henry and Charlotte Jorst from Denmark, who moved to the US to seek fame and fortune. Their ambition was to give the world watches that looked beautiful and were made from absolutely top class materials.
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    The price was also amongst their goals. Henrik and Charlotte felt that a watch should not need to cost too much, so Skagen watches were therefore offered at a reasonable and fair prices. After a period of selling door-to-door, the Danish couple caught the attention of the large department store Bloomingdales, and thus their success was assured.

    Skagen – the Danish style and feel

    The main thing that Henrik and Charlotte brought with them from Denmark was the Nordic style and feel in their design. With that as the source of inspiration for Skagen watches, they created products that reflected the Danish culture in its stylish and elegant design, without unnecessary frills, but with a high-quality craftsmanship. With the Danish spirit built into Skagen watches, one gets a sense of the atmosphere of the small coastal town in Denmark. Its unique light, beautiful beaches and its openness are clear to see in the watch’s design. It is this aspect of Skagen watches that makes them impressive and very pleasant companions.

    Skagen prices and sale

    As we already mentioned, Henrik and Charlotte created Skagen watches not only to be able to offer their clients watches of high quality, but also to be able to put a reasonable price on those watches. It should not cost too much to look stylish and elegant, a sentiment that infuses every model by Skagen. Moreover it means that you will not have to pay too much to get a beautiful watch thanks to our regular Skagen sales, so prices are even more reasonable for our customers.

    Gentlemen's watches from Skagen

    Skagen men's watches are truly an experience. For all Scandinavians who feel that the sea atmosphere in the North is the most peaceful, a watch from Skagen is the obvious choice. Men should keep an eye out for the watches made of titanium with a hint of blue; a really beautiful marker of style and elegance.

    Ladies' watches from Skagen

    The women's watches from Skagen also go hand-in-hand with the traditional Danish style. A simple, clean design, one that clearly shows the harmony and purity of the small community of Skagen, characterises each watch. As a trend-conscious and self-confident woman a watch from Skagen is truly a great option.