Diesel watches are prime examples of the values that have made the whole brand as famous as it is – strength, freedom and uncompromising independence. Diesel has long been a forerunner in the development of denim in everyday fashion; a trait which has carried over to Diesel’s production of watches. Diesel has been an important trend-setter for many years, which gives them a relatively free reign when it comes to new ideas and designs. However, Diesel and Diesel watches have never strayed from the example set by history. Their legacy lives on in every product they make, and this is clearly illustrated in the watches by Diesel.
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  • Diesel’s look and feel

    Diesel have always defended each person’s individual urge to express themselves. Their passion for the unique in every person has been the guiding factor in finding the perfect way to appeal to their customers. A clear indication that watches from Diesel will uphold the brand’s values in the same way.

    Choosing your own path; refusing to follow the crowd; - that is precisely the impression that you will exude with a Diesel watch on your wrist. Inevitably so, since that is exactly how the brand itself behaves. Diesel does not follow trends. Their watches have become increasingly larger and chunkier than any other brand on the market, which clearly highlights the fact that Diesel people do exactly as they want, when they want. If you want to be part of the individualistic trend created by Diesel, there is no better way than to buy one of their watches.

    Diesel prices and sale

    Diesel is classed by most as a luxury brand. This generally means that their prices can be quite high, however it all depends on which model you choose to buy. They differ widely from classic, stylish models in stainless steel, to shocking pink, rubber sports watches. The one thing you can be sure of is that our prices will be less than the usual cost, because our sale on Diesel watches reduces the price tag significantly.

    Gentlemen’s watches by Diesel

    The gentlemen’s watches produced by Diesel are perfect for any normal, gadget-crazy man. Peerless watches, offering a number of functions, while being stylish and eye-catching. Take a look at Mister Daddy, Mega Chief, or why not Kickstart?

    Ladies watches by Diesel

    Diesel’s watches for ladies are slightly less imposing than the gentlemen’s watches, but non the less remarkable. A dynamic mix between elegant and extroverted, with the Franchise series offering many options to choose from.