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    Michael Kors is a well-known and highly-respected fashion designer who has for many years been one of the forerunners of the world’s fashion scene. This American designer is not just the creator of many fantastically imaginative collections, he is also a regular on popular TV shows. Among the many credits to his name, he has been a judge on the world’s greatest fashion reality-TV contest: Project Runway. We are dealing with a many-faceted man, which makes it not particularly surprising that Michael Kors also has a well-respected standing on the international watch market.
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  • The classic Michael Kors

    When fashion designers and critics judge Michael Kors’s work, he often comes out on top, which is a result of the impression and style that he creates in his watches, among other things. He has been called one of the most influential creators on the contemporary American fashion scene. Michael Kors is most often associated with traditional fashion, where the style and look has a classic and timeless appearance. This is what has made Michael Kors famous among the general public, but one should also not forget the considerable influence of his watches. He is namely a watch designer and manufacturer of the highest order.

    Watches by Michael Kors will always have a distinctive appearance – in a good way. They combine form, function and style, with a major focus on classical elegance. Michael Kors also clearly puts great emphasis on the functionality of the watches. This demonstrates that he takes watch-production very seriously, making sure that the watches fulfil their function to perfection while simultaneously looking great on your wrist.

    Every watch released by Michael Kors includes exclusive functions and a unique design. Various materials, from specially-treated leather to stainless steel, are combined with a watch face that causes other watch-producers to groan in envy. Michael Kors watches are constructed using high-class materials. The stainless steel is emphasised in different ways while the Swarovski crystals, diamonds and genuine pearls are typical details that Michael Kors integrates into his collections.

    Background to Michael Kors

    Michael Kors, who actually has Swedish blood on his father’s side, was born in New York and his mother worked as a model. Her profession was of course a great influence his own career choice and he began his path as a young fashion designer by selling his creations from his parents’ basement. He was later discovered while working in a smaller boutique in New York and since then his career has skyrocketed. Michael Kors’s greatest contribution to the fashion world is his collection of sporty and stylish clothes for women, which has had an enormous impact all over the world. He has maintained a strong position within this area and also attracted a lot of attention with his other designs. His dresses have been sighted at many large and world-famous gatherings, for example when Michelle Obama was first photographed as the president’s wife or when Jennifer Garner gave out prizes at the Oscars. It is therefore hard to deny that Michael Kors has had a significant influence on the fashion world, especially women’s fashion.

    Michael Kors prices and sale

    You have to pay to look good. This is true even when you purchase products from Michael Kors, particularly the watches. However, price does not always have to be an obstacle, especially when we often have a sale on Michael Kors watches. For an affordable price, you can buy a watch from Michael Kors and construct your classically elegant look.

    Gentlemen’s watches by Michael Kors

    Michael Kors’s primary focus throughout his career has been on women’s fashion, but he has also proven that his classic designs work just as well for men. Silver models are especially popular.

    Ladies’ watches by Michael Kors

    In many ways, watches by Michael Kors represent the definition of elegant and stylish ladies’ watches. As mentioned, he has a long history of producing designs for women, and the watches embody the perfection of his craft. Camille, Runway, Bradshaw and Lexington are typical models from the Michael Kors collection, which show that the right feeling for style and elegance can unite flawless function with an enchantingly beautiful exterior!