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    Seiko watches were some of the first mass-produced quartz watches, and were very expensive in the beginning when the series was launched (Seiko watches were around the same price as a Japanese sedan car!). The founder, Kintaro Hattori opened a jewellery boutique in 1881, in Ginza, Japan. Eleven years later, in 1892, Hattori began producing pocket watches called Seikoska, which was later shortened to Seiko. The name Seiko is probably intended to imply the Japanese equivalent of the word “success”.
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    Seiko manufacture both quartz and mechanical watches. The mechanical ones are perhaps the most interesting in the eyes of a collector, but the hybrid-powered Seiko Kinetic watches are some of the best-selling. These watches have quartz precision while they also simultaneously charge up with kinetic energy (from the movements of the hands). This is a solution, which Seiko first introduced to the world. The well-known Seiko “5” series uses the number five to signify the five main attributes of the watch: shock-proof, water-proof, automatic, day and date.

    Seiko Spring Drive

    On the 5th of October 2005, Seiko presented a new calibre under the name: Premier, which delivers more power over a longer time. This means that the new automatic Seiko watch had a reserve power of 72 hours. This can be compared with the average of 40 hours for most automatic watches. Seiko declared that they would not produce more than 300 of these watches per month. This is how Seiko has gained access to the market for exclusive watches, even if the Seiko Premier model is still relatively rare in Europe. When Seiko presented the first model in Paris, they sold it to the highest bidder. The final price was €10,000 and the money was donated to a children’s cancer charity. Seiko Spring Drive even won a prize for Watch of the Year in a poll organised by Timezone.com. We at Thewatchagency.com have chosen not to offer any of the Seiko Spring Drive models in our selection. However, if great interest is shown in these models we will add them to our online catalogue.

    Seiko Kinetic

    Seiko Kinetic was presented at the Basel Fair in Switzerland 1986 under the name: AGM. The first watches with this function were sold in Germany in 1988. The name was changed to “Seiko Kinetic” in 1991. In simple terms, a kinetic dial is different to an automatic mainly because of the stored potential, that is, the power generated by a battery or from moving rotors. In comparison, the rotors in an automatic dial are used to wind up a spring. Accordingly Seiko Kinetic combines the best characteristics of a quartz watch with the best parts of a mechanical watch.

    Seiko now manufacture many different variations on this type of watch, which can be found in many of their collections. One of the reasons that these watches are so popular is that they have similar precision to a quartz watch, despite the fact that they are automatic.

    Seiko watches and the sporting world

    Seiko have been the official time-keeper at the following Football World Cup Championships: Argentina 1978, Spain 1982, Mexico 1986 and Italy 1990. They have also sponsored various national leagues. Seiko watches have also been at the centre of a number of Olympic events, most recently at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002. At the moment, Seiko has chosen to sponsor the Honda BAR team (British American Racing). For the moment, this financial support stretches only to motorcycles and not racing cars. Seiko have refused to support the latter so long as they have cigarette advertisements on the cars.

    Seiko’s marketing and strategy

    Seiko plan their activities skilfully and market themselves in a strategic way. A large part of the manufacture of Seiko watches is delegated to their partners: Epson and SII. At the same time, Seiko is a partner in several activities aside from watch-making. Seiko also produce golf clubs and printers, to mention only two.


    Seiko manufactured the first talking clock in 1984, which was called Seiko Pyramid Talk. James Bond has worn five different Seiko watches in the films. Rodger Moore wore 4 different Seiko watches in the Bond films between 1977 and 1985. Sean Connery wore a Seiko watch in the film Never Say Never Again in 1983.

    Seiko watches prices and sale

    Seiko really care about the relationship between the person and the watch. Seiko consider the watch to be an intimate part of one’s person; a close friend who is at your side and supports you through every aspect of life. This philosophy is more relevant than ever in today’s hyper-technical world. Watches, like all devices, are best when they are in harmony with their user. A watch should offer its wearer a connection between technology and human that is both stimulating and calming. These are the values that Seiko constantly work towards and this is clear to see in the watches that Seiko create. They are unique and appeal in a very special way.

    Prices for Seiko watches are available on our website. Prices are adjusted continuously, with changes in prices depending on a number of factors, such as purchase prices, exchange rates and world commodity prices. You should therefore keep an eye out for our Seiko sale, where we offer you cheaper prices on wonderful watches!

    Choose Thewatchagency.com to find your Seiko watch

    Are you looking for a particular Seiko watch that is not available in our range? Perhaps a model that is no longer in production, or a limited edition watch where only a few were manufactured. Seiko produce many different models, many of which can be hard to get hold of. However, we often have the opportunity to purchase models that normal shops may not have the chance to buy in.

    Contact us and we will do our best to get back to you with a good price as soon as possible.

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